26 Baby Animals That Need To Check Themselves

Y’know, before they wreck themselves.

1. Guess this is proof that even a BABY honey badger don’t care.

ID: 1280296

2. Okay, seriously, kitten? They’re just lizards.

ID: 1280304

3. Take a page out of your brother’s book and calm the eff down, duckling.

ID: 1280321

4. Kitten, look at the poise your mom is showing. There’s balance in her desperation. How about you take a break?

ID: 1280328

5. Baby koala, back off. No need to be so clingy!

ID: 1280350

6. Baby fennec, don’t chase a scorpion!

ID: 1280365

Or, on second thought… I guess you should just enjoy your lunch.

ID: 1280369

7. Science fact: kittens + vacuum = absolute chaos. Somebody needs to calm these guys down.

ID: 1280388

8. Okay, kitten? That’s a potato.

ID: 1280488

9. And those are apples.

ID: 1280602

10. And that is literally the same person you were just looking at calmly.

ID: 1288067

11. And that’s just a hand.

ID: 1287407

12. And that’s a toaster.

ID: 1288129

13. And puppy? That’s just a blowdryer.

ID: 1287384

14. Note to self: never let goats play with puppies.

ID: 1280502

15. WHOA there, pug! Back off!

ID: 1280512

16. How many times have we told you to look both ways before crossing the street, elephant?!

ID: 1280517

17. Whoa whoa whoa, I said “CHILL, kitten,” not “KILL kitten!” Calm down.

ID: 1280524

18. Oh, uh, well…

ID: 1287261

Yep. Saw that coming.

ID: 1287263

19. Slow down there, baby gorilla!

ID: 1280551

20. Wait, whoa, what is going on here? Get off of that thing!

ID: 1281061

21. And the kitten moves left and —- oh, nope, he’s down.

ID: 1287399

22. Who has that much energy?!

ID: 1287236

23. Baby otter, leave that stuffed walrus alone!

ID: 1280592

24. AhhH!

ID: 1287508

25. Let’s all just take a deep breath, close our eyes…

ID: 1280582

26. And calm. The eff. Down.

ID: 1280620

And maybe listen to some Ice Cube.

ID: 1281086

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