19 Reasons To Adore Yoda The Munchkin Cat

Low to the ground, close to your heart. This guy’s gonna make you fall in love with him, guaranteed.

1. This is Yoda. He has short legs, unique ears, and isn’t afraid to show off how cute he is.

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2. His human, Caitlin Williams, captures him in all his glory on Vine and Instagram.

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3. Caitlin says on her Vine profile: “Yoda is a Kinkalow kitten. Cross breed between a napoleon Munchkin and an American Curl. “

….and he’s 100% adorable.

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4. Yoda’s really good at keeping things casual, playing it cool.

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5. Like, really cool. Just look at that nonchalance!

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6. He’s also a pretty good explorer. Just look at him discover a new water source, the sink! Impressive work!

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7. He’s an agile and athletic runner.

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8. Just look at him go!

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9. He’s also really good at jumping.

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Y’know, for someone with such short legs!

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10. He helps his human get paperwork done.

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11. And he makes the best little chirping noise ever.

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12. Yoda’s a really talented tennis player.

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13. And he’s a really versatile model. Just look at that range of emotion!

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14. He has his own bed for his namesake.

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15. Oh, and he has a new baby brother pug (that he’s not too thrilled about). He’s a good sport about it though.

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16. He keeps up with the puppy no problem… even if his legs are half the length of the pup’s!

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17. Just look at Yoda throw down. FIERCE.

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18. He tries to be a good sport about baths, but even the best of cats has his limits!

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19. And yeah, he’s a little different than the usual feline, but his unique qualities are what make him so great. Embrace how different you are, Yoda!

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Turn up the Two Chainz and ride on, little guy.

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