14 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Retouched Cat Photos

Proving that perfection is just a myth, and your cat shouldn’t feel self-conscious about his flaws! We’re all beautiful just the way we are.

1. Noam Galai, a writer for FStoppers.com, said that his friend is a professional photo retoucher, and he does some work on cats. He provided these GIFs demonstrating the truth behind those stunning feline photos you see and compare yourself to.

ID: 1578070

2. Remember to go home and tell your kitten tonight that she’s still beautiful, even if she does have some chin whiskers and a pointy head.

ID: 1578074

3. And even if your cat is a little lopsided or has dark eyes, tell her she is loved.

ID: 1578081

4. Because even the cat models out there have flaws! NO ONE IS PERFECT.

ID: 1578084

5. This so-called ideal is unattainable. Even the cats in the magazines don’t look like the cats in the magazines!

ID: 1578087

6. Your kitten’s flaws are what make her unique.

ID: 1578109

7. And if you’re not unique, you’re pretty much boring.

ID: 1578116

8. Even that crooked tail that you’ve tried so hard to straighten out? It’s part of what makes you special.

ID: 1578141

9. Don’t let anyone tell you that extra fuzz on your ears should be removed. It’s beautiful!

ID: 1578186

10. Same goes for those distinguished eyebrows!

ID: 1578201

11. (Seriously though, what’s up with the eyebrow removal?)

ID: 1578214

12. So stand up tall. Be bold, be strong, and know that you are perfect, no matter what the magazines say.

ID: 1578254

13. You are YOU. No one can take that away from you!

ID: 1578262

14. Right down to that adorable white spot on your nose.

ID: 1578269

Thanks to Chelsea Reil for the tip!

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