12 Perfect Examples Of Not Giving A F**k.

Just a few ways to show that special someone you (don’t) care. At all. (Language NSFW if your work gives a f**k about language.)

1. Pocahontas

She will paint will all the colors… if only she gave a shit.

2. Morgan Freeman.

He is the voice of God. Why would he give a fuck?

3. Alice.

She is not sorry. She might be sorry that she’s not sorry, but that’s about it.

4. This cat.

He’s got his drink, his two-step, and his vest. The last thing he’s doing is giving a fuck.

5. Chuck Norris.

For obvious reasons, he really does not care.

6. Dr. Who.

See that number? It’s zero. Zero fucks.

7. Harry.

Yep, none. Accio fucks? Nah, forget it.

8. Jesus.

He gets pretty public with his proclamation, but really, it just had to be said.

9. This guy.

See them? Eh? Oh, none there? That’s right. None.

10. Michelle.

She’ll walk it out as she shows you. Zero fucks. Zero.

11. These dudes.

Who apparently went on the log ride for only one reason: to prove just how much they do not care about it.

12. And, obviously, Maria Von Trapp.

The hills are alive—okay, silent—with the sound of all the fucks she gives.

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