• Sarah Palin - Bus Tour - Paul Revere Video

    Sarah Palin is in Boston today, meeting with supporters and other curious elements. She is also chatting about how meaningful being in such a historic region is to her on her One Nation tour. Of course, this means Sarah Palin is talking about histor… 3 years ago respond

  • Anthony Weiner Maddow Interview

    Rep. Anthony Weiner finally made his last media stop of the day, this time sitting down with Rachel Maddow– who interviewed Rep. Weiner just as his Twitter account released a skimpy underwear photo. Maddow was by far the least combative of his inter… 3 years ago respond

  • Chris Matthews Anthony Weiner

    After a series of “strange” interviews with Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner today, Chris Matthews asked liberal commentator Joan Walsh why was Weiner “hedging” rather than just clearly saying he had nothing at all to do with the “lewd” photo. … 3 years ago respond

  • Donald Trump On Anthony Weiner - Weinergate

    It only took an extra day or three (possibly delayed by his very important Sarah Palin pizza meeting– what is with 2012 hopefuls and pizza?), but finally, Donald Trump has weighed in on the scandalous mystery of how an indecent photo appeared on the… 3 years ago respond

  • Rep. Weiner Twitter Picture

    After seeming very reluctant to cover the strange story involving Twitter, a lewd picture and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) – heretofore known as “Weinergate” — the mainstream media now seems to be embracing the story with open arms, just five days aft… 3 years ago respond

  • Michael Ian Black Meghan McCain Book

    Comedian Michael Ian Black has undertaken a brand new project: writing a book about politics with none other than Meghan McCain. Yeah, I know, right? Apparently, the liberal comic and the Republican pundit are friends, essentially the human equivale… 3 years ago respond

  • Anthony Weiner | Andrew Breitbart

    Most Americans who casually follow news may just be catching up on the summer’s first mystery, the story of how a lewd photo ended up being sent to a 21-year-old college student from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner. While concrete facts i… 3 years ago respond

  • Jon Stewart - Anthony Weiner - Weinergate

    Jon Stewart hosts a comedy show about embarrassing or otherwise comical things that happen in politics. As far as political sex scandals go, a politician whose name can mean “penis” getting in trouble over a picture of precisely that is a goldmine o… 3 years ago respond

  • Anthony Weiner | Angry Twitter Interview

    It was clearly an unusually testy encounter for the usually cool and camera-friendly Democratic congressman. Weiner insisted the story that blew up over the Memorial Day weekend was nothing but a “distraction,” and that he would have nothing more to… 3 years ago respond

  • Fox News Ticker Hacked

    A video has been uploaded to YouTube which shows a couple of young people running up to the home of Fox News, the News Corporation offices in New York. As they’re filming, an unseen friend of theirs apparently hacks into the large, scrolling sign ou… 3 years ago respond

  • Jay Leno Steal Joke | Red Eye

    NBC’s late night comic Jay Leno got some unflattering attention from Fox’s overnight Red Eye crew, who suggested one of Leno’s jokes sounded awfully familiar. The show’s Andy Levy began by airing a delightfully amusing clip from Leno, from May 26: 3 years ago respond

  • Weinergate | Photo Analysis

    Some, notably a blogger at DailyKos, have suggested that the screen shot that Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government ran when it broke the Anthony Weiner Twitter story is a forgery. Our resident expert, Philip Bump, reviewed their findings, and newly-rel… 3 years ago respond

  • Miami Beach Shooting - Urban Beach Weekend

    A video posted overnight to YouTube captures a shootout on Miami Beach that left one person dead and three police officers injured. According to the Miami New Times, the shooting caught on camera from an apartment balcony was the second of two early… 3 years ago respond

  • Anthony Weiner - CNN Report - Weinergate

    CNN’s The Situation Room had the honor of debuting this weekend’s biggest story– the lewd photo allegedly surfacing on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account– on cable news. And adding yet more pieces to the puzzle, CNN managed to track down Rep. Wei… 3 years ago respond

  • PBS Hack | PBS Tupac | PBS Website Hacked

    Well, here’s a story this weekend that we know for sure is the handiwork of computer hackers. The official website for the US Public Broadcasting Service has been hacked into with the hackers publishing a story (which was finally taken down as this … 3 years ago respond

  • George Will On Sarah Palin

    With Sarah Palin fever sweeping across the media again, persistent Palin critic and conservative commentator George Will clearly was not excited by the speculation surrounding her potential run for President. Donna Brazile, Jonathan Karl and Ed Gil… 3 years ago respond

  • Sarah Palin Rolling Thunder Invite

    Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour appeared to have gotten off to a false start yesterday as a member of the pro-veterans organization Rolling Thunder went on NBC to denounce her presence at an upcoming event of theirs, claiming no one had invited … 3 years ago respond

  • Rep Weiner Twitter Hacked

    It may be too soon to say for sure, but this Memorial Day weekend may go down in the annals of Twitter history, as one of the strangest ones imaginable. Rep. Anthony Weiner claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked after an inappropriate phot… 3 years ago respond

  • Anthony Weiner Twitter Photos?

    In what could develop into one of the most bizarre media stories in recent memory, Big Government is reporting that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) attempted to send a close-up photo — that’s extreme in more ways than one — to a user via Twitter. 3 years ago 4 responses

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