26 Ways To Pimp Your Pumps

Why walk around in frumpy footwear when you can take your heels to another level for relatively little time and money? Get out your glitter and your glue gun and follow along with these sweet DIY tutorials, because plain pumps are so passe.

1. Glitter-ize the sole

Fashion DIY blogger Tasha Delrae walks you through the steps to get this glittered look.

2. Glitter-ize the heel

11 Eureka suggests this DIY for livening up tired, scuffed heels.

3. Add some sparkle

This Honestly…WTF tutorial give step by step instructions for making your own Miu Miu jeweled heels.

4. Paint on a neon toe

Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to add a bright neon toe to otherwise subdued shoes.

5. Add a burlap toe

R & R Workshop walks you through the process of adding a burlap accent to the toe of a pair of otherwise plain pumps.

7. Color block a chunky heel

Color blocking is in, and this Brit + Co tutorial will get your shoes up to speed.

8. Brighten heels with copper

This tutorial by Bike Prettyexplains how to add some color and shine to a drab heel with a layer of copper tape.

9. …or gold

If the copper isn’t enough for you, WobiSobi details how to use gold leaf for an even classier heel coating.

10. Add flair with fabric

Head over to this Love Maegan tutorial which explains, in incredible detail and with great visuals, how to perfectly coat a pair of boring heels with a fabric of your choice.

11. Toss on a tassel

This update by Made by Lex was inspired by the runway.

12. Substitute a bright lining

Crafty blogger Pattiewack give detailed instructions on adding a new liner and a cute bow to update old heels.

13. Sew on a ruffle

This tutorial for ruffled pumps comes from Lauren Conrad’s website.

14. Pop on a bedazzled bow

Wedding Obsession takes you step by step through the process of creating and adding a bedazzled bow.

15. Attach a transparent ankle strap

A Pair and a Spare teaches you how to add these chic, trasparent ankle straps to an underwhelming pair of heels.

16. Go tribal with ankle bangles

A Pair and a Spare is at it again with this tutorial for tribal tootsies.

17. Add elastic straps

This Short of Something tutorial walks you through adding criss-cross elastic straps to a simple pair of heels.

18. Wrap them up with rope

This tutorial from A Pair & a Spare shows you how to make dull heels pop with a nautical rope ankle wrap.

19. Spice them up with sequins

Atelier 630 walks you through sewing on sequins to add some splash to a tired pair of heels.

20. Add a chain

The Typical House Cat Blog has detailed tutorial on adding a chain-style harness to a simple pair of heels.

21. …or a whole curtain of chains

The folks over at Park & Cube walk you through adding a curtain of chains to trail behind your heels.

22. Get wild with feathers

A Pair and A Spare shows you how to add some flair with a birdie’s hair… or whatever.

23. …even if it’s just a few

24. Class them up with lace

This Craftster tutorial walks you through adding a delicate lace pattern to a worn heel.

25. Up the fun ante with comics

This biterebels tutorial walks you through coating a pair of pumps in your favorite comic.

26. And, what is undoubtedly the coolest heel mod on the internet:

Instructables user Mikeasaurus has you covered with this T-rex heel how to .

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