Sixteen Signs It’s Summer

Sure, you could look at a calendar or something, but we all know that these are the signs that summer is beginning.

1. Those barrels of watermelons start showing up at the grocery store

Since they’re on sale, you might as well check out these Two Summer Watermelon Recipes With Major Health Benefits.

3. You’ve spotted your first pair of jorts

See why Summer 2013 is #JortsSummer .

4. And your first pair of salmon shorts (a.k.a. Nantucket Reds)

If you’d like to spot more, or just feel less alone in your spotting of them, check out the White Boys in Salmon Shorts Tumblr.

6. You just heard a third (or fourth…) song introduced as “the summer 2013 anthem”

Check out the other 22 Top-Down Jams You Should Blast This Summer.

7. Ditto for “summer blockbuster”

Check out This Year’s Summer Movies All Rolled Into One Trailer .

8. The bugs are back

Ever wonder how many bugs you eat each day? Click with caution… you might not want to know.

9. Every window display has swim suits and floppy hats

Check out these 25 Awesome Swimsuit DIYs You Have To Try This Summer.

10. It’s iced coffee weather, and you’ve made the switch

Not sure if it’s iced coffe weather where you are? Enter your zip code here to find out.

11. Pinterest is suddenly dominated by summer “recipes”

Try these 15 Incredibly Refreshing Classic Summer Cocktail Recipes from Babble.

12. You’re starting to get a weird flip flop tan

This, by the way, is just one of the 22 Important Reasons That No One Should Ever Wear Flip-Flops.

13. And a weird driving tan

If you’ve got a crisis of this level on your hands (or your arms) Check out InStyle’s tips to Find Your Best Bronze.

14. You have an inexplicable craving for one of these bad boys

Check out this cool Anatomy of an Ice Pop diagram. You know it’s true.

15. There are weddings everywhere you go

Here are 10 more Signs You’re At A Summer Wedding.

16. You can’t stop hearing that cicada noise

This year marks the emergence of the 13- and 17-year cicadas. Check out the story behind the massive presence here.

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