14 Epic Words To Live By

Sometimes a little pick-me-up is just what we need to get through the day.

1. Treat Yo’ Self

Keith Bacongco / Via Flickr: 54106155@N00

Have a bad day? You’re a champion, you deserve a treat.

ID: 1389046

2. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

lobster_hands / Via instagram.com

A little money is pretty great, though.

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3. Good Ain’t Good Enough

Bruna Schenkel / Via Flickr: bluevelvetteapot

Always go one step beyond, you’ll be glad you did!

ID: 1389131

4. 2 Legit 2 Quit

Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: quinnanya

Keep on keepin’ on, you rule too hard to sit out on life.

ID: 1389089

5. No Pain, No Gain

Carlos Martinez / Via Flickr: kumanday

After all, you’ve gotta give a little to get anything in return.

ID: 1389094

6. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Zaneology / Via Flickr: zaneology

Screw the h8rs. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

ID: 1389052

7. Ride or Die

Marshall Astor / Via Flickr: lifeontheedge

Keep those people around who you really trust, they’re irreplaceable!

ID: 1389099

8. Carpe Noctem

Bloodknight / Via commons.wikimedia.org

Who needs the daytime? Seize the night!

ID: 1389112

9. Let’s Do This

Full force, no questions, put in 100%.

ID: 1389119

10. Git It

Live a little and don’t hold back. Party hardy.

ID: 1389185

11. Too Blessed 2 Be Stressed

Chris Hamby / Via Flickr: chrishamby

Don’t take life for granted, there are way too many awesome things you still have to do!

ID: 1389103

12. Think With Your Mouth

Brain need not apply in every situation.

ID: 1390121

13. Werk It

Kae Yen Wong / Via Flickr: fizzedi

You are beautiful and sassy, werk it.

ID: 1389056

14. YOLO

borntobewanderlust / Via borntobewanderlust.tumblr.com

Love it or hate it, it’s the phrase of a generation.

ID: 1389033

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