The Real Life Jobs Of 21 Star Wars Characters

They may live in a galaxy far far away but what if they had real jobs here in our little solar system?

1. Anakin Skywalker: The kid who rides his scooter up and down the hallway of your apartment building at 7AM

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2. JarJar Binks: The friend who you made first semester in college and then spent the next four years trying to ditch

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3. Jabba the Hutt: Your student loan debt collector who calls you twice a day

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4. Princess Amidala: The cute girl from your English Lit. class who turns out to be as boring as paste

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5. Max Rebo: The guy who asks for “ten more minutes” at open mic night

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6. Han Solo: The guy who bullied you in High School who now works at Costco

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7. Qui-Gon Jinn: Your slightly out there Yoga instructor

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8. Admiral Ackbar: Your student guidance counselor who keeps insisting you visit colleges in Ohio

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9. Salacious B. Crumb: The creepy guy you think is following you down the subway platform

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10. C-3PO: The waiter at the fancy restaurant who enjoys correcting your pronunciation of the wine list

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11. Obi-Wan Kenobi: The old guy who is confused by the lines at the DMV

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12. Princess Leia - The girl you have been ordering coffee from for two years and has never smiled once

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13. Count Dooku: The history teacher who gave you a failing grade on a paper even though you had to deal with a family emergency

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14. Nien Nunb: Your last resort prom date

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15. Wicket W. Warrick: Your nephew who never puts his toys away and kicks you in the shins when his parents aren’t looking

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16. Bib Fortuna: The guy who sold you your first car promising that it gets “great gas mileage”

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17. Jet Tono Porkins: The pit master at your local BBQ joint who always makes sure you get a bonus side

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18. Darth Vader: Your landlord who promised to fix your toilet three weeks ago but you are too afraid to push the issue

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ID: 2089242

19. Luke Skywalker: Your colleague who is constantly brown nosing your boss

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20. Emperor Palpatine: Your spouse’s slightly racist grandfather who never fails to mention that he has a huge gun collection

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21. Lando Calrissian: Future President of the United States

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