9 Board Games To Get Really Excited About This Year

2014 looks to be an AMAZING year for board games!

9. Sails of Glory

Why you should play it: If you want a truly complicated game, look no further than Sails of Glory. Set in the Napoleonic Wars, you pit yourself against an opponent on the open seas. The complications comes for its depth. You need to take into account rigging, wind and all sorts of nautical awesomeness if you want to win you own Trafalgar.

Is it available:
Yes, successfully Kickstarted.

Play if you like: The wind in your hair, wearing an eyepatch and the Damnable French.

8. Kremlin

Why you should play it: Does this board look ancient? Well that’s is because it is as Kremlin was initially released in the 1980s. Jolly Roger Games has decided to take it upon themselves to reprint this game where you backstab your way to the top of the Politburo. They have even updated the game so you can play as everyone’s favorite badboy: Yeltsin

Is it available: Yes, successfully Kickstarted.

Play if you like: Onion domes, making new enemies or you long for the Cold War.

7. Cornish Smuggler

Why you should play it: Besides the beautiful board, Cornish Smuggler takes on incredibly difficult subject matter and makes it highly entertaining for even the casual play. Bribe customs agents, run the narrows and see what it was like to make a dishonest coin in Merry Olde England.

It it available: Yes, successfully Kickstarted

Play if you like
: Breaking the law, tri-corner hats and slipping into the shallows and midnight.

6. Masters of the Gridiron

Why you should play it: For fans of Strat-O-Matic, Masters of the Gridiron is a welcome reprieve from number crunching and hours long game play. At 15 minutes a game, you get a fast paced game with some actual strategy thrown in. It is rare to find speed and whimsy thrown into a sports game, but Masters of the Gridiron appeals to hardcore fans and casual gamers alike.

It is available:
Currently in Kickstarter.

Play if you like: Freezing your butt off in NJ, Magic: The Gathering without the mockery and reminding your friends that you are better at sports.

5. Fief: France 1429

Why you should play it: I mean, just look at that board. Its AMAZING. Aside from that you take on the role of a noble house and try to gain the most influence. Gaining influence is done in the most Medieval way possible; by sucking up to the church and marrying anybody and everybody off to gain more stature.

Is it available:
Yes, successfully Kickstarted.

Play if you like:
Arranged marriages, wearing purple or keeping serfs in line.

4. Moby Dick: or the card game

Why you should play it: It takes guts to design a game on a classic work of literature that only a few have ever made it through in its entirety. It takes even more guts to design a game that has a Queequeg card. I cannot tell you how exciting and crazy this game looks.

Is it available: Yes, successfully Kickstarted.

Play if you like: Chasing your own personal white whale, sea shanties or falling overboard after too much grog.

3. Nika

Why you should play it: With the new 300 movie on the horizon, it is time to get yourself reacquainted with Ancient Greece. More so, how everything wasn’t hugs and kisses and joint effort against Persia. Each player controls their own Hoplite army and can can coordinate with other players to rout your enemies. You can play Thebes. You can play Messena. Just make sure to go tell the Spartans that their luck has run out.

Is it available: Currently in Kickstarter.

Play if you like: Wearing iron skirts, yelling battle cries and arguing the value of democracy vs. oligarchy.

2. Wok Star

Why you should play it: There are not enough cooperative games out there, particularly cooperative games meant to create tension between you and your friends. Wok Star is all about getting the orders of your restaurant out on time and with no mistakes. You will be times, you will be stressed and you will have a ton of friend.

Is it available: Yes, successfully Kickstarted.

Play if you like: Remembering your days working at Einstein Bagels, telling people how to do things or avidly watch Hell’s Kitchen.

1. Chaosmos

Why you should play it: Do you remember the 1980s book Interstellar Pig? If you don’t go buy yourself a copy right now and enjoy one of the finest works of YA fiction ever written. Chaosmos takes the concept of Interstellar pig and ramps it by 1000, as you take the role of an alien trying to get their hands on the Ovoid. Last one with the Ovoid wins. Those without, sorry your race is extinct.

Is it available: Currently in Kickstarter.

Play if you like: Space banditry, 1980s fiction or the chance to explore and exciting new board game concept.

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