Twitter Reacts To Oprah’s Interview With Lindsay Lohan

LiLo appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday night, discussing her parents, rehab, and more.

2. Lots of people sent support to Lohan.

5. People commented on how LiLo looked.

Say what you may about @lindsaylohan, but it takes a lot of courage to be this tan & wear orange. #lindsaysnextchapter @OWNTV

— jaesalinas (@jae)

7. People also reacted to the setting of the interview.

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah sitting in a white room looks like an infomercial for either tampons or Christ

— jezebeldodai (@jezebel dodai)

Nice of PeeWee Herman to let Oprah use his playhouse for the Lindsay interview. #LindsaysNextChapter

— andylassner (@andy lassner)

9. Some people were skeptical of Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan said she's done cocaine 10 or 15 times. Lol yeah right! Stevie Wonder can see that ain't the truth..#LindsaysNextChapter

— makhondlovu (@Makho Ndlovu)

#LindsaysNextChapter Maybe 6th time is the charm if U believe her. The language is all there, but after my 1000s of interviews, I question.

— SJRaphael (@Sally Jessy Raphael)

The amount of times that Lindsay Lohan will go to rehab:

— stevensbush (@Steve Bush)

12. On Lohan’s parents.

I still think her mother is the worst. Remember when she brought a camera crew to rehab? #LindsaysNextChapter

— shutupbuck (@Michael Buckley)

Lindsay Lohan's ability to discuss the mortifying behavior of her parents with her head up is almost as impressive as her current sobriety.

— RichJuz (@Rich Juzwiak)

next time your parent says you're bad or disrespectful remind them lindsay lohan falsely accused her mom of doing cocaine

— fiercesnap_werk (@funk master flex)

15. Some people reflected on what they wished happened in the show.

I am kind of bummed that Oprah is not bringing up the fact that Lindsay was a lesbian for a hot minute. #LindsaysNextChapter

— InsertName_Evan (@EJW)

Can't wait till Oprah gives her a car!

— GaryJanetti (@Gary Janetti)

17. People also made note of a rehab commercial that aired during the interview.

The Malibu rehab clinic advertising during Lindsay Lohan Oprah interview so genius

— catchdini (@Nick Catchdubs)

Oh, so the whole Lohan interview had just been a big promo for Cliffside Malibu.

— RichJuz (@Rich Juzwiak)

19. The interview ended with Oprah encouraging Lohan not to go to Europe when she’s out of rehab.

"That's like me getting out of food addiction rehab and going to a potato chip factory." GOD I MISS OPRAH #lindsaysnextchapter

— McCollumAshley (@Ashley McCollum)

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