Prescription Drug Designer T-Shirts Spark Outrage

Kitson, a boutique clothing company based in L.A., released a line of T-shirts called “the designer drugs collection,” angering many for its supposed promotion of drug use.

1. Kitson LA released a “designer drugs collection” of clothing that features the brand names of prescription drugs.

2. Few people on the company’s Facebook page said they wanted the pricey $58 to $98 shirts.

4. Most were very unhappy, calling the shirts “shocking” and “disgusting.”

6. In response to the outrage, Kitson posted the following statement from the designer of the line, Brian Lichtenberg, on their Facebook page:

7. Some of the top comments responding to the statement were from family members of those who had died from prescription drug overdoses.

8. Kristen Johnston, star of the “The Exes” and formerly on “3rd Rock from the Sun,” took note of the shirts.

9. The company responded to one of her tweets threatening to get the authorities involved.

10. Johnston then said she deleted her comment.

11. To which Kitson fired back that they were not responsible for the drug situation in the U.S.

12. A lot of people were not happy with Kitson’s response.

15. But at least Lichtenberg still has a fan in Lindsay Lohan.

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