Trayvon Martin Protesters Shut Down Freeway In Los Angeles

There were protests scattered throughout the LA area, including one that blocked traffic on Interstate 10 Sunday evening. One arrest has been made so far, reports the Los Angeles Times.

1. Officials said portions of Interstate 10 were closed around 6:20 p.m.

2. This was after protesters marched onto the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 near Arlington Avenue on Sunday.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

6. Protesters chant, “Who’s street, our street! Our freeway!”

Marching in all eastbound lanes now. "Who's street, our street! Our freeway!"

— GaryRidesBikes (@Gary Kavanagh)

7. The Los Angeles Police Department formed a barricade to stop the protesters.

Oh now I know why they've stopped. LAPD has formed barricade.

— jasmyne (@Jasmyne Cannick)

8. Police officers push back a protester.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

9. The protesters were cleared from the Interstate by about 7 p.m., when LAPD officers began firing rubber bullets, reports Los Angeles Times.

LAPD getting ready to shoot protestors with rubber bullets on freeway.

— jasmyne (@Jasmyne Cannick)

10. One protester was arrested on the freeway.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

11. Near the corner of Washington Boulevard and 10th Avenue, some demonstrators threw rocks and D-cell batteries at police, said LAPD Commander Andy Smith.

12. Police responded by firing “less-than-lethal” bean bags.

Per @anblanx: LAPD says #Justice4Trayvon protestors threw rocks and batteries. Cops say they fired back with "less lethal force"—bean bags.

— laura_nelson (@Laura J. Nelson)

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