Fans React To HBO Go Glitch During “True Detective” Finale

Sunday night HBO Go was having widespread technical problems as an overwhelming amount of people tried to watch the True Detective finale and fans took to Twitter to fret. No spoilers.

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I've had two hours stolen from me today. One hour from Daylight Savings and one from @HBOGO

— Sarah Burton (@NotRubHarass)
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Hey @HBOGO if you don't get this fixed quick I'm going to be forced to stop using my friend's password to use this service!

— Greg (@gwestvar)
ID: 2581860

Nine months from now, a spate of babies that were conceived during the #TrueDetective #hbogo blackout of 2014 will make their debut

— Allison Esposito (@allisonveronica)
ID: 2581861

This is all part of the King in Yellow's plan to drive us insane. The joke's on us, people. There is no #TrueDetectiveFinale #hbogo

— Michael M. Hughes (@michaelmhughes)
ID: 2581865

A #TrueDetective would figure out what's wrong with @HBOGO #HBO

— Kyle Carmean (@Fox5Kyle)
ID: 2581866

Let's all calm down and watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days until HBO GO comes back. It's what McConaughey would want.

— Jen Lewis (@thisjenlewis)
ID: 2581887

There's a #HBOGo outage because we're all using the same login.

— (Mr.) Stacy Lambe (@sllambe)
ID: 2581868

Really enjoying high quality video from this service called HBOGO Fuck Yourself.

— Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria)
ID: 2581869

What I'm mostly getting is that all of you don't subscribe to actual cable anymore and are all suckling the teat of one dude's HBOGO pword

— Rachel Syme (@rachsyme)
ID: 2581870

Worried this is what I'll look like by the time HBOGO loads the True Detective finale

— Jake Laperruque (@JakeLaperruque)
ID: 2581885

.@HBOGO going down when every young person is trying to watch #TrueDetective on their parents' account may be my generation's Woodstock.

— Oliver Ho (@OliverLHo)
ID: 2581871

Our condolences to everyone trying to make HBOGo, y'know, go right now. #truedetective

— RedEye Chicago (@redeyechicago)
ID: 2581872

my ridiculously high directv bill should exempt me from having to hear anyone complain about the HBOGO mooched off their parents being down

— parva (@parva_x)
ID: 2581875

HBOGo's spinning buffer wheel is actually an ingenious Morse Code that spells "T O R R E N T S"

— Wonderella (@wonderella)
ID: 2581877

Can't believe this is how #TrueDetective ended! #TrueDetectiveFinale

— TheBitcoinHipster (@cool_bugs)
ID: 2581856

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