21 Life-Size Edible Objects Made Out Of Chocolate

A guitar that is also a delish chocolate cake. Baby heads made out of white chocolate. A life-size chocolate horse with chocolate sprinkles on top. Some of these chocolate sculptures sound tasty, while others sound a way too creepy.

1. Life-size chocolate cake guitar!

ID: 817774

2. Life-size white chocolate baby heads.

Buy these edible baby heads here, if you’re into that sorta thing.

ID: 811260

3. Life-size chocolate horse topped with sprinkles.

Seen in Maynardland, Tennessee.

ID: 811290

4. Comfy chocolate cake daybed!

A life-size replica of a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch, but as a chocolate cake.

ID: 811280


Spotted at a food art event at Haunch of Venison in NYC.

ID: 811288

5. West Highland white terrier made out of chocolate.


ID: 811315

6. Chocolate skating rink!

Who hasn’t dreamed of skating on chocolate? Find this rink in Canela, Brazil.

ID: 817778

7. Chocolate high heels.

For the lady who is shoe and chocolate obsessed. Buy these sweet heels here.

ID: 817618

8. Dark chocolate keyboard!

This would make work a little more fun. Unfortunately, this is just a concept and has not been made yet.

ID: 817644

9. Life-size chocolate moose that weighs over 1,700 lbs.

In Scarborough, Maine.

ID: 811300

10. Chocolate car!

Food sculpting duo Jim Victor and Marie Pelton created a life-size chocolate replica of the this M&M’s car.

ID: 817657

Vroom, vroom.

The pair has also made a number of impressive butter-based projects, which you can check out here.

ID: 817747

11. Thirteen-foot chocolate Lady Liberty.

Created using 2.5 tons of chocolate in Paris in 1986.

ID: 817886

12. Dark and white chocolate chess.

ID: 817888

13. Chocolate soccer ball.

Probably not for kicking.

ID: 817892

14. Chocolate champagne?

Get ‘em here.

ID: 817902

15. Chocolate bull!

Spotted at the Calgary Airport.

ID: 817915

16. Life-size chocolate skull!

For the morbid chocolate lover. You can get ‘em in bone, dark, or white chocolate.

ID: 817917

17. Chocolate sneakers!

ID: 817927

18. Chocolate Ferrari.

ID: 817875

19. Chocolate gorilla.

Made by chocolate sculptor Patrick Roger.

ID: 817982

20. Milk chocolate handgun.

Find more at Chocolate Weapons.

ID: 818277

21. Edible chocolate brains created from an MRI scan.

ID: 818034

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