Virgin America Made The Most Gloriously Entertaining Airline Safety Video Ever

Finally, a reason to be excited about in-flight cabin pressure.

1. Flying Virgin just got way more entertaining.

ID: 1892557

2. First, for the .001% of you who have never operated a seatbelt before, a contortionist demonstrates how it’s done.

ID: 1893104

3. Then this sassy preteen rapper reminds you to stop stressing about a change in cabin pressure.

ID: 1893121

4. Apparently, even nuns aren’t exempt from turning off electronic devices during take-off and landing.

ID: 1893129

5. Then, these dapper men bust out the robot to show how easy it is to put on your flotation device.

ID: 1893146

6. And finally, this cutie reminds you to never light up a cigarette in-flight.

ID: 1893154

7. Don’t lie, you were getting into it by the end.

ID: 1893160

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