This Kid Stuck His Tongue To A Subway Pole In A Real-Life Version Of "A Christmas Story"

“I triple dog dare ya.”

1. This is the latest in Improv Everywhere’s “Movies In Real Life” series.

2. First, Flick, Ralphie, and Schwartz donned their hats, scarves, and jackets to brave the New York winter.

3. Then the three-some traveled onto the 1 Train, where Schwartz TRIPLE-DOG-DARED Flick to stick his tongue to the subway pole.

4. You *never* say no to a triple-dog-dare, the coup de grâce of all dares.

5. As his tongue touched the pole, some subway riders looked shocked.

6. And others disgusted.

7. And poor Flick could *not* get his tongue un-stuck from the pole.

8. Luckily, a fireman eventually came and saved the day.

9. To see more about how Improv Everywhere pulled off this stunt, click here.

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