A Bunch Of People Recreated The “Kiss The Girl” Scene From “The Little Mermaid” And It’s Perfect

“Go on and kiss the girl.”

1. YouTuber Stuart Edge teamed up with Peter Hollens, Vocal Point and Noteworthy to surprise unsuspecting women with a Disney-inspired surprise they’ll probably never forget.

ID: 2805389

2. First, Stuart went up to the women and asked for directions.

ID: 2805529

3. Then suddenly, Stuart and the girls were ambushed by a large group of “vocal romantic stimulators” singing “Kiss The Girl.”

ID: 2805477

4. To which, in true Prince Eric fashion, Stuart reacted by saying, “Do you hear something?”

ID: 2805703

5. Then, Stuart realized he didn’t even know the girls’ names, and tried to guess them.

ID: 2805718

6. Until, with a little help, he finally got it right!

ID: 2805726

7. But, luckily for Stuart, the real life version of “Kiss The Girl” didn’t involve an evil octopus queen named Ursula, so the kisses actually happened!

ID: 2805735

8. If you want to compare the two for yourself, here’s the Disney original.

ID: 2805848

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