9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring the genius who coaxed an owl out of his kitchen using a Swiffer, the three guys who flawlessly danced to Beyoncé while wearing high heels, and the chillest cat of all time ever.

1. This Hilarious Man Came Up With A Very Clever Way To Coaxed An Owl Out Of His Kitchen

Damn Owl, you scary. There’s also video of this guy absolutely losing it when he first sees the owl, and you should definitely watch that too. (0:52)

Colton Wright / Via

3. If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say

“I’ve always heard that white girls are like super boring in bed.” SMDH. (2:13)

BuzzFeedYellow / Via

5. Oh, Just A Cat Sitting In A Chair

That’s right: This is a two-minute video of a cat sitting blissfully in a chair. It is perfect in every way. (2:01)

shironekoshiro / Via

7. Man Inserts Himself Into Britney Spears Video

This guy digitally inserted himself into every shot from Britney’s “Work Bitch” video. It’s absolutely amazing. (3:54)


9. Wolf Pup Has Hiccups, Is Adorable

We all hiccup. But none of us make it look as cute as eight-week-old wolf pup Nikai does. (1:45)

nywolforg / Via

11. Three Guys Flawlessly Dance To Beyoncé In High Heels

These dancers absolutely nailed a routine set to Beyoncé’s greatest hits. Queen Bey would surely approve. (2:18)


13. Son Disappoints Dad Again And Again

This guy filmed his dad’s reaction every time he got a new tattoo. Spoiler alert: Dad doesn’t like any of them. (0:16)

Kim Anderson / Via

15. A Nutritionist Laid Out Everything These People Ate In A Week On A Table

Spoiler alert: There was a LOT of sugar… Do you know how much you’re eating in a week? (3:54)

BuzzFeedYellow / Via

17. Middle School Rock Recital Goes Adorably Poorly

Things don’t always go as you planned. But the show must go on. (1:01)

gpmusicacademy / Via

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