Things Only Shy People Will Understand

“Why are you so quiet?”

1. When people ask why you’re so shy, you tend to go like this:

ID: 1470757

2. Even though you feel like this:

“I DON’T KNOW!! I can’t control it!!”

ID: 1470768

3. People assume you’re a bitch/snob just because you don’t like to socialize.

Even thought you’re just scared to death of people. And talking. And people talking.

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4. When you were younger, the words “pick a partner” or “present your project to the class” were terrifying.

(Not to mention embarrassing.)

ID: 1470871

5. But you managed to get through it.

ID: 1470909

6. Sometimes you feel a bit claustrophobic around big crowds of people you’ve never met.

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7. “Just don’t be shy!”

Like it’s that easy.

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8. When you have a crush on someone, you flirt with them by using awkward eye contact and creepy stares.

Because trying to talk to them would be torture.

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9. When you do talk, you can’t find the right words to say and immediately make everything awkward.

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10. You are able to make true friends because they take the time to get to know you.

ID: 1473364

11. When you finally do get comfortable with other people, you become a whole new person.

ID: 1473531

12. You try to become social at times, just to seem “fun” and “happy.”

And you fail miserably.

ID: 1473682

13. Little things like ordering take-out or calling someone one the phone is scary.

ID: 1475722

14. When someone tells you, “Smile! You look so serious all the time.”

Sorry if me not smiling is affecting your own happiness.

ID: 1475776

15. People tell you that you’re a great listener, when sometimes you don’t care and just can’t add to the conversation.

And you feel bad about it.

ID: 1475908

16. Introductions are both awkward and embarrassing.

ID: 1475954

17. Sometimes you feel invisible, and that you can’t do anything about it.

ID: 1476013

18. But you know you’re awesome.

ID: 1473806

19. Stay amazing, shy ones!

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