20 Signs That You’re A Writer

We all want to be the next J.K. Rowling.

1. Your friends and family are sick of you talking about plot ideas.

(Even if they are awesome)

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2. You have thought of many gruesome and unique ways to kill people.

Just for book research, of course.

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3. You complain about the hardships of writer’s block.

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4. You own hundreds of notebooks.

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5. The thought of being published makes you both terrified and happy.

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6. Coffee is always your best friend when you’re stuck on your next chapter.

Or anything, really.

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7. You care more about fictional characters you create than other people.

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8. You can never leave the house without a pen/writing utensil.

Dean knows this.

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9. And if you forget one…

“Why does this have to happen? WHY?”

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10. Your loved ones know when you’re in a “writing” mood.

They know when to leave you to the warm glow of your laptop and an empty Word document. And your snacks.

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11. You dream of one day owning your own classic typewriter.

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12. You can get a little crazy with critiques.

And you show no mercy.

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13. And if some people can’t handle that…

Some people just can’t handle criticism. If it’s good criticism, not just hate.

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14. You come up with brilliant ideas, but have no idea how to start them. Then you obsess over it for a few days.

It’s frustrating.

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15. You’re a giant procrastinator.

Psst.. We’re all are.

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16. If anyone saw your internet search history, they would think you were having a baby because you spent most of your time on baby naming sites.

“MOM! It’s for a story! I swear! I’m not pregnant.”

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17. You like to pretend that you’re a famous author already, even if you haven’t even started your second chapter.

You’ll get there!

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18. Creating characters in your head is an enjoyable activity.

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19. You correct people on their grammar constantly.

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20. You are able to create a whole new world.

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