This Russian Psychiatrist Will Cure Your Gayness Through Hypnosis

“Distinguished Doctor of the Russian Federation” Yan Goland started “curing” gays, lesbians, and transsexuals when gay sex was outlawed in the Soviet Union, and is still at it today.

Meet Dr. Yan Goland, a psychiatrist in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.


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According to the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Dr. Goland is the only doctor in the country who cures patients of their homosexual desires - none of his Soviet-era colleagues are left.

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“They tried to cure them through castration, hormone therapy, and electric shocks, but without any results,” Dr. Goland says.

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Instead, Dr. Goland turned to the then-untested method of hypnosis. / Via

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“You feel calm, cool, indifferent, ice-cold to teenagers and young men,” Dr. Goland tells his patient. “Your eye flits past them without resting on any of them.”

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“When you’re travelling you will be very pleased to look at girls and women riding the bus.” Result!

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Goland says he has cured seven transsexuals and 78 gays and lesbians. One, a Soviet deputy minister, then married a woman and got a job as a meatpacker. In a supermarket.

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According to Goland, another patient came to him seeking a sex change operation by mistake after her parents disowned her for raping her female cousins. Now she works as a nurse for patients with mental disorders. She has been married three times. / Via

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Dr. Goland is also known for hanging Christmas trees from the ceiling for the mentally ill.

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Russia decriminalized homosexuality in 1993, but banned “promoting non-traditional relationships to minors” this year.

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