Ladies, FYI, The NYPD Says It’s Totally Legal To Go Topless In Public

New York really does have the best scenery. JoseKickaha1/YouTube If you’re in New York City today, you’re likely suffering from a raging case of spring fever, as it is one of the first truly beautiful days of the year, and it almost makes us believe that summer is coming. In light of the fair weather, we wanted… But seriously, an NYPD memo confirms that all city officers have been instructed not to ticket or otherwise hassle any woman who bares her breasts in public. Don’t take our word for it; here’s what a real newspaper wrote about it: “The memo’s language is as clear as it is legalistic. Officers ‘shall not enforce any section of law, including penal law sections 245.00 (public lewdness) and 245.01 (exposure of a person) against female individuals who are simply exposing their breasts in public.’” The New York Times also reports that earlier this year, the memo was read and reinforced to NYPD officers during 10 consecutive NYPD roll calls, evidently because someone really wanted to drive the concept home. We assume that every meeting ended with the commanding officer warning the cops that they “better not screw this up for everyone.” Also on

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