What Exactly Are The Former "Guts" Contestants Up To These Days?

There is an entire tumblr devoted to tracking down current Facebook photos of the Aggro Crag survivors.

1. “Outrageous” Cam.

Clearly still outrageous.

ID: 1018677

2. Craig “Magic”

May have actually found magic.

ID: 1018678

3. Ginger “Little Dynamite”

Still playing with fire.

ID: 1018680

4. David “The Destructor”

Seems legit.

ID: 1018681

5. Chris “Snowflake”

Still avoids the sun.

ID: 1018682

6. Hayes “Ragin Cajun”

Still spicy.

ID: 1018688

7. John “Sure Hands”

Now wears gloves.

ID: 1018691

8. Ryan “Relentless”

Looking for a different kind of soul.

ID: 1018692

9. Meri “Little Lightning”

Clearly was not 12 at the time of filming.

ID: 1018695

10. Brandon “The Bomb”

We regretfully report that the bomb actually went off on his future shirts.

ID: 1018699

11. Debbie “The Dunker”

Debbie now dates a matador.

ID: 1018703

12. Marc “The Sprak”

Actually lit his own Christmas Tree.

ID: 1018704

13. Chucky “The Conqueror”

Still looking to topple.

ID: 1018708

14. “Crazy” Chrissy

Has moved on to non crazy straws.

ID: 1018710

15. Heidi “Thor”

Actually Thor.

ID: 1018712

16. Lee “Banzai”

Has somehow managed to go back in time.

ID: 1018715

17. Finally, Kenneth “The Munchkin”

ID: 1018716

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