Tom Daley Really Has A Pet Now

He deceived us once, but not this time. (We think)

2. Well thankfully, Tom Daley really does have a pet now. (We think)


ID: 1111146

3. And it’s this really cute cat! (We think)

ID: 1111170

4. Her name is Luna and she plays in a basket! (We think)

ID: 1111183

5. Tom’s cat plays on his foot! (We think)

ID: 1111186

6. Tom’s cat even has a really cute British collar! (We think)

ID: 1111208

7. Luna is nearly as glorious as it’s owner. (We think)

ID: 1111216

8. Tom’s cat drinks water or milk! (We think)

ID: 1111223

9. Luna is adjusting well to his 70’s style living quarters! (We think)

ID: 1111241

10. Luna is one very lucky cat. (We think)

ID: 1111221

11. But please let us never forget what could have been. RIP

ID: 1111243

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