An Ode To Andrew Rannells’ Hair

The hair (and the flip!) that has taken theater, network TV and cable TV by storm.

1. Recently on “Girls” Hannah told Elijah he might be going too high with the flip. We say never!

ID: 832153

2. Ok, maybe this one is a little too high.

ID: 832156

3. A bit more grounded. Let’s move on.

What the heck is going on with that woman’s (?) hair behind him?

ID: 832166

5. NOPE!

Let’s pretend this one never happened. We’ve all made some bad hair color decisions.

ID: 832216

6. Throwback.

ID: 832351

7. Very solid flip.

ID: 832402

8. It’s even great under a hat.

ID: 832343

9. Quite simply, his hair is the best.

ID: 832397

10. Woah! Bonus Hair!

ID: 832281

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