Happy First Contact Day!

According to Star Trek, humanity makes first contact with aliens on April 5, 2063. Only fifty years to go until the future!

1. This is Zefram Cochrane.

2. He’s a bit of an alcoholic.

3. But he’s also a scientist!

4. And a spaceship pilot!

5. Even though he’s a bit reluctant about that last part…

6. This is his spaceship, the Phoenix. It uses a “warp drive” invented by Dr. Cochrane.

7. And on April 5, 2063, he becomes the first human to travel faster than light.

8. Thanks to his historic spaceflight, an advanced alien species visits Earth.

9. They call themselves “Vulcans”.

10. With their help, humanity explores strange new worlds.

11. Seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations.

12. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

13. And it’s all thanks to the work of a drunken physicist in Bozeman, Montana.

14. Thank you, Dr. Cochrane.

15. We’ll see you in fifty years!

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