36 Awful Twitter Parodies Of Will Ferrell

You stay classy, Twitter. The real Will Ferrell doesn’t tweet but dozens of accounts pretend to be him anyways. Too bad none of them are as funny as the real thing.

1. @WillFerelll (18,217 followers)

2. @Will_FerreII (286,644 followers)

3. @WeThinkL (14,634 followers)

4. @Lolferrell (232,283 followers)

5. @FillWerrel (187,557 followers)

6. @willferrel1 (24,661 followers)

RT if you have #instagram

— willferrel1 (@will ferrel)

7. @WillFerralll (1,731 followers)

They'll hate you if you're pretty. They'll hate you if you're not. They'll hate you for what you lack and they'll hate you for what you got.

— WillFerralll (@Will Ferrell)

8. @WeWillFerrell (3,066 followers)

There is no way Newt Gingrich has ever had consensual sex.

— WeWillFerrell (@Will Ferrell Parody)

9. @FillWarrell (24,889 followers)

There's a smile on my face but I don't know why it's there. I put it on to satisfy all the people that don't even care.

— FillWarrell (@Will Ferrell)

10. @COMEDYPEDIA (146,698 followers)

Girls love when boys touch their waist.

— COMEDYPEDIA (@Not Will Ferrell)

11. @WilllFerrell (45,196 followers)

FYI: ← You a hoe, you a hoe → you a hoe ↑ you a hoe ↗ you a hoe ↓ oh, and you a hoe↘

— WilllFerrell (@Will Ferrell)

12. @RealWillFerrel (1,543 followers)

Glad you enjoy this parody account!

— RealWillFerrel (@Will Ferrell)

13. @itswillferrel_ (50,118 followers)

North Korea won't @ us tho

— itswillferrel_ (@Will Ferrell Parody)

14. @itsWillFerrelI (80,028 followers)

I am hungry 25 hours a day.

— itsWillFerrelI (@Will Ferrell)

15. @LegitWillFerrel (431,180 followers)

Awww yea can you say juice box time?!

— LegitWillFerrel (@Will Ferrell)

16. @itsWillyFerrell (1,191,337 followers)

Anyone else hate tomatoes, but puts ketchup on everything?

— itsWillyFerrell (@Not Will Ferrell)

17. @WillFerreI (211,504 followers)

Retweet if your up!!!

— WillFerreI (@Will Ferrell)

18. @WillyFerrell (390,067 followers)

Have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadn’t met a certain person in your life, your life would be completely different.

— WillyFerrell (@Will)

19. @WillFerrall (338,781 followers - only one tweet)

I love Steve Carell. Not because he's leaving the Office, but because his name rhymes with mine.

— WillFerrall (@Will Ferrell)

20. @ItsWillyFerrel (20,063 followers)

If yoga pants were food, They'd be bacon.

— ItsWillyFerrel (@Not Will Ferrell)

21. @the_WillFerrell (7,191 followers)

For the record: when you mention me in a tweet with 7 other "Will Ferrells," you earn a free ride on BLOCK LIST EXPRESS.

— the_WillFerrell (@Will Ferrell)

22. @willferell (11,038 followers - only one tweet)

screwing my cat

— willferell (@Will Ferrell)

23. @officialWillF (11,788 followers)

Just because I can't sing, doesn't mean I won't sing :D

— officialWillF (@Will Ferrell)

24. @CauseWereFellas (567,618 followers)

Mommy: The only alarm clock that can't be snoozed..

— CauseWereFellas (@Will Ferrell)

25. @Will_Ferrall (14,266 followers)

My school cares more about my uniform than my education.

— Will_Ferrall (@Will Ferrell)

26. @ferrell_comedy (5,681 followers)

Proper grammar... It makes you more attractive.

— ferrell_comedy (@Will Ferrell)

27. @TheWillFerrell (5,725 followers)

Cannonball !!,I deliver the goods.No one loves fresh marlin, like I.Double down baby,daddy wants to let some steam off,suck it balls !!

— TheWillFerrell (@Will Ferrell)

28. @TheJokerHumor (6,627 followers)

Boy: Close your eyes. ... Girl: Okay. ... Boy: What do you see? ... Girl: Nothing. ... Boy: That's what my life would be like without you.

— TheJokerHumor (@Will Ferrell)

29. @Willferrels (6,016 followers)

Don't waste your time on stupid bitches.

— Willferrels (@Will Ferrell)

30. @WillyFerrel (25,178 followers)

RT if your ex is following you on Twitter.

— WillyFerrel (@Will)

31. @WillferrelHD (5,666 followers)

School has two O's in it. So does the Holocaust. Wake up America.

— WillferrelHD (@Will ferrel)

32. @Willy_Ferrell_ (35,759 followers)

I mentally murder people that I don't like.

— Willy_Ferrell_ (@Will Ferrell Humor)

33. @FillWerrell (2,308,911 followers)

Stay strong. Tomorrow is Friday!

— FillWerrell (@Fill Werrell)

34. @willferrellYo (3,174 followers)

Singles Awareness Day please RT!

— willferrellYo (@Will Ferrell Parody)

35. @FillWerreI (156,449 followers)

#WhatToSayAfterSex Boats N Hoes.

— FillWerreI (@Will Ferrell Parody)

36. @lWillFerrell (2,201 followers)

Too many fake people.

— lWillFerrell (@Will Ferrell)

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