24 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Dating A Musical Theater Actor

Your significant other’s at rehearsal so often that people are surprised to hear you’re dating someone.

1. Headshots are scattered all over their apartment.

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2. And there are bobby pins EVERYWHERE.

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3. You hear them talking to themselves, but really they’re just practicing their lines alone.

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4. So you’ve offered to rehearse their lines with them.

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5. Your furniture is constantly rearranged for in-house rehearsals.

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But miraculously, they’ve never broken anything.

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6. Your shared Netflix account looks like this.

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8. There’s a concert every morning in the bathroom.

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9. The house is always fully stocked with plenty of tea and honey.

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10. You’ve found them in the kitchen “steaming” for their voice.

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11. And they might go for days without talking to you.

This is where IMs, texts, and Snapchats come in handy.

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12. But you two can bust out an awesome karaoke duet anytime.

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13. And they make you look fantastic on the dance floor.

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Just hold their hand and they’ll do all the work!

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14. And it helps that they’re ridiculously good-looking.

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Like, almost uncomfortably so.

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15. Which is why you’re used to keeping the competition at bay.

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16. But then, if you’re a girl, you constantly have to defend your boyfriend’s heterosexuality.

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17. When you’re out on a date and industry people recognize them, you kind of feel like a celebrity.

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18. And for at least five date nights, you’ve gone to see their friends perform at one of these.

ID: 1432771

19. But they’re rarely around because they’re always at rehearsal.


And they’ve un-ironically worn one of these.

ID: 1430640

20. Or at their day/night job.

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21. Or leaving the apartment to go to auditions as early as 5am.

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22. And when they finally have a show, you’re always the first one there for emotional support.

ID: 1430885

23. You can’t miss even a single performance because you’re their rock.

ID: 1430936

24. But it’s all worth it when you see them wink at you from the stage.


The wink that says, “Thanks for coming. And you are so getting laid tonight.”

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