41 Scenic College Campuses That Were Made For Instagram

The best four years of your life, as seen through Sutro.

1. Vassar College

Courtesy of Vassar College


Location: Poughkeepsie, New York
Obligatory Instagram: The castle-like facade of the Frederick Thompson Memorial Library

ID: 1533271

2. Wellesley College

Courtesy of Wellesley College


Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Obligatory Instagram: The sunset over Lake Waban

ID: 1533878

3. Kenyon College

Courtesy of Kenyon College


Location: Gambier, Ohio
Obligatory Instagram: The walk along the 10-foot wide Middle Path in autumn

ID: 1533718

4. University of Washington, Seattle

Courtesy of University of Washington, Seattle


Location: Seattle, Washington
Obligatory Instagram: The Drumheller Fountain with majestic Mount Rainier in the background

ID: 1533657

5. Yale University

Courtesy of Yale University


Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Obligatory Instagram: Everything is a masterpiece, but if you had to pick one, go for the façade of Bass Library

ID: 1534483

6. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Courtesy of UNC-Chapel Hill


Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Obligatory Instagram: Drinking at the Old Well or the fountain in front of Bynum Hall

ID: 1533561

7. Stanford University


Location: Palo Alto, California
Obligatory Instagram: The view of the campus from the Hoover Tower observation platform

ID: 1535540

8. Vanderbilt University

Courtesy of Vanderbilt University


Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Obligatory Instagram: In front of Italianate-style Kirkland Hall

ID: 1533950

9. Rice University

Courtesy of Rice University


Location: Houston, Texas
Obligatory Instagram: The pillars along the corridors of Lovett Hall

ID: 1534224

10. Pepperdine University

Courtesy of Pepperdine University


Location: Malibu, California
Obligatory Instagram: The breathtaking ocean views that come with overlooking campus

ID: 1534178

11. Washington University in St. Louis

Courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis


Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Obligatory Instagram: The view under the main entry archway

ID: 1534897

12. Fordham University at Rose Hill

Courtesy of Fordham University


Location: Bronx, New York
Obligatory Instagram: Keating Hall in every season

ID: 1536763

13. Mount Holyoke College

Courtesy of Mount Holyoke College


Location: South Hadley, Massachusetts
Obligatory Instagram: Several views of Mary Lyon Hall

ID: 1533524

14. University of Colorado, Boulder

Courtesy of University of Colorado, Boulder


Location: Boulder, Colorado
Obligatory Instagram: The grand views of the Rocky Mountains overlooking the campus

ID: 1533773

15. Bard College

Courtesy of Bard College


Location: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Obligatory Instagram: The ultra-modern Frank Gehry-designed Fisher Center

ID: 1534515

16. Sewanee, The University of the South

Courtesy of Sewanee, The University of the South


Location: Sewanee, Tennessee
Obligatory Instagram: The marvelous architecture of the All Saints’ Chapel

ID: 1534069

17. Columbia University


Location: New York City, New York
Obligatory Instagram: The façade of either Low Memorial Library or Butler Library

ID: 1533357

18. Swarthmore College

Courtesy of Swarthmore College


Location: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Obligatory Instagram: The outdoor amphitheater in the Scott Arboretum

ID: 1534782

19. Furman University

Courtesy of Furman University


Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Obligatory Instagram: The Bell Tower overlooking the campus lake

ID: 1534001

20. University of Notre Dame

Courtesy of University of Notre Dame


Location: South Bend, Indiana
Obligatory Instagram: The interior of the neo-Gothic Basilica of the Sacred Heart

ID: 1535552

21. University of Southern California

Courtesy of University of Southern California


Location: Los Angeles, California
Obligatory Instagram: The lawn and façade of Doheny Library

ID: 1533330

22. Cornell University

Courtesy of Cornell University


Location: Ithaca, New York
Obligatory Instagram: Any of the amazing views of Cornell’s many gorges

ID: 1535588

23. Duke University

Courtesy of Duke University


Location: Durham, North Carolina
Obligatory Instagram: The towering Chapel of Duke University

ID: 1535633

24. Scripps College

Courtesy of Scripps College


Location: Claremont, California
Obligatory Instagram: Jaqua Quad with Toll Hall, the first building on campus, in the background

ID: 1535622

25. Berry College

Courtesy of Berry College


Location: Mount Berry, Georgia
Obligatory Instagram: The river at the Old Grinding Mill

ID: 1535575

26. Princeton University

Courtesy of Princeton University


Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Obligatory Instagram: The Fountain of Freedom in front of the Woodrow Wilson School

ID: 1535703

27. University of San Diego


Location: San Diego, California
Obligatory Instagram: In front of the The Immaculata Chapel with its bright blue dome, if you can manage it

ID: 1535567

28. Lewis & Clark College


Location: Portland, Oregon
Obligatory Instagram: The serene scene at the Reflecting Pool

ID: 1534557

29. Tulane University

Courtesy of Tulane University


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Obligatory Instagram: The façade of Gibson Hall

ID: 1535751

30. Amherst College


Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Obligatory Instagram: The campus’s war memorial and accompanying view

ID: 1535784

31. University of Chicago

Courtesy of University of Chicago


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Obligatory Instagram: In front of the Rockefeller Chapel, the campus’s tallest structure

ID: 1535607

32. Northwestern University

Courtesy of Northwestern University


Location: Evanston, Illinois
Obligatory Instagram: The views of campus that include the Lakefill

ID: 1536874

33. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Courtesy of UH Manoa


Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Obligatory Instagram: The gorgeous Royal Sala Thai pavillion

ID: 1534291

34. Indiana University

Courtesy of Indiana University


Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Obligatory Instagram: The limestone Sample Gates

ID: 1535694

35. University of Wisconsin, Madison


Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Obligatory Instagram: The Memorial Union Terrace at the waterfront

ID: 1535829

36. Florida Southern College


Location: Lakeland, Florida
Obligatory Instagram: Any one of the campus’s many Frank Lloyd Wright buildings or the Evelyn and Warren Willis Garden of Meditation

ID: 1534659

37. Emory University

Courtesy of Emory University


Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Obligatory Instagram: The newly renovated Emory University Hospital

ID: 1535808

38. University of Cincinnati

Courtesy of University of Cincinnati


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Obligatory Instagram: The amazing Nippert Stadium

ID: 1535854

39. University of Mississippi

Courtesy of University of Mississippi


Location: University, Mississippi
Obligatory Instagram: Either the Lyceum or Bryant Hall

ID: 1535823

40. University of California, Santa Barbara

Courtesy of UC Santa Barbara


Location: Santa Barbara, California
Obligatory Instagram: Anywhere there’s a beach!

ID: 1535839

41. University of Virginia

Courtesy of University of Virginia


Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Obligatory Instagram: In front of the Neoclassical domed Rotunda, modeled after the Pantheon in Rome

ID: 1535595

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