Newsflash: Mr. Gay Europe 2014 Is Incredibly Princely

Jack Johansson was crowned Mr. Gay Europe by a chorus of cherubs descending from heaven, probably.

1. Lo and behold, the newly-crowned Mr. Gay Europe 2014: Jack Johansson—sunshine and joy and glitter made statuesque.

Beate A Tecza / Via
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2. He competed as Mr. Gay Sweden 2013, ultimately besting 15 other handsome delegates in 12 challenge rounds.

Beate A Tecza / Via
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3. A 20-year-old ballet student and musician, Jack will participate in LGBT Pride events in Europe as this year’s titleholder.

Courtesy of Mr. Gay Europe / Via
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4. He sees this as an opportunity “to be a role model for boys and girls who don’t really know who they are, and to be able to guide them through their hard times.”

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5. Judging by his Instagram feed, Jack is deserving to have a shining crown on those flaxen tresses.

ID: 3175170

6. Here he is, sexily and broodily surveying his newly-earned dominion.

ID: 3175206

7. Studying the view of his kingdom once again, demonstrating his qualifications to defend the realm.

ID: 3175222

8. There is a twinkling childlike wonder behind those striking azure eyes.

ID: 3175306

9. In the body of a knight equipped to slaaaaaaay.

ID: 3175311

10. At those extravagant feasts, only the finest foods will grace those noble lips.

ID: 3175279

11. His garments are specifically crafted to enhance his blessed princely aura.

ID: 3175333

12. But even in commoners’ garb, His Royal Foxiness retains said foxiness.

ID: 3175288

13. He illustrates a grace and dexterity matched only by the most stunning angels, of which he is one.

ID: 3175256

14. And his musical genius is unparalleled.

ID: 3175346

15. Congratulations to you, Prince Jack. May your travels bring you fame, fortune, and your first husband.

ID: 3175373

16. To follow him on the road, check out Jack’s Instagram and Twitter.

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