22 Things That Happen When You Enter A New Relationship

Facebook status: It’s Really New But We’re Exclusive And We’re Having A Lot Of Fun, So Like Yeah, We’re Dating, I Guess LOL IDK.

1. You realize you’re now allowed to fart in front of this “significant other.”

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2. Your laptop is no longer the only thing on the other side of the bed.

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3. And you discover underwear in your bed that isn’t yours.

4. You get self-conscious about your morning routine because you’re weird and put on deodorant after your shirt.

5. You suddenly have to control your Netflix intake because you’re binging with someone else now.

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6. They start to appear more and more in your Instagram feed.

7. You have the inevitable “Facebook official” conversation.


8. And the “when is it really our anniversary?” conversation—your first date or when you first matched on Tinder?

9. You don’t have to introduce them to people as “my frieeeeeeend?” anymore.

10. When you go out with their friends, you try your best to get them to like you.

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11. And when they do, they generously start to include you in their plans.

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12. You become THAT annoying couple in public and you secretly love it.

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13. Getting stoked whenever you make plans together, even when it’s just a trip to the drugstore or Chipotle.

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14. You’ll want to surprise them with literally everything — from concert tickets to the leftover pizza you had for lunch.

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15. You wait for their every text, call, or email and you still get giddy when their name pops up on the screen.

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16. But you risk dropping the L-bomb too early with every drunk call or text.

17. And you can’t just tell them “love you!” willy-nilly anymore.

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18. So you try to tip-toe around the words with excessive compliments.

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19. But the time will come when you both finally run out of things to talk about.

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20. It’s OK though, because you’ll find you can comfortably look into each other’s eyes in silence for extended periods of time.

21. Until one of you farts again, then you realize you’re being literally the grossest with another human being.

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22. But then you realize you guys will have so much fun in the coming weeks, months, and — dare you say it — years to come.

Rock on, new couples, and godspeed.

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