26 Signs You’re The Jack McFarland Of Your Friend Group


1. You’re fantastic at giving hugs.

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2. And you love taking BuzzFeed quizzes.

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3. You’re crazy for anything Disney.

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4. And musical theatre.

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5. You’re a high-performing go-getter in life.

ID: 3187619

6. And in the workplace.

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7. You speak multiple languages.

ID: 3187362

8. Which makes you a pro at foreign affairs.

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9. You’re a natural when it comes to accessorizing.

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10. Because you’re the one with the smartest fashion sense.

ID: 3186836

11. And you have the best selfie game out of all your friends.

ID: 3186732

12. Like, really good.

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13. After all, you’ve always been the tech-savvy one of the group.

ID: 3186994

14. You make everyone else in Da Club look bad with your classical dance training.

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15. You don’t take anything lying down.

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16. Well, maybe some things.

ID: 3186760

17. You’ve used your sexual wiles to bargain for the important things.

ID: 3187039

18. But you can sometimes be the bashful and modest one.

ID: 3187495

19. You stay true to your roots, no matter what.

ID: 3187115

20. Since common sense is your middle name.

ID: 3187154

21. So your friends always turn to you in their darkest hours.

ID: 3187709

22. You’re the mental and emotional mirror they can always count on.

ID: 3186968

23. And you can lift their spirits at the drop of a hat.

ID: 3187735

24. Because you know your friends like no one else does.

ID: 3187780

25. And when all is said and done, you give credit where credit is due.

ID: 3187456

26. Because that’s just who you are.

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