32 Blessed Contributions Kelly Rowland Made To GIF Culture

Kelly literally has a face for every occasion. Let’s celebrate that fabulous mug.

1. Whenever IHOP is serving free pancakes and it’s carbohydrate heaven.

ID: 1480463

2. When the perfect pair of shoes are on sale (and there’s an additional discount taken at the register).

ID: 1480833

3. When that annoying co-worker just WON’T. STOP. TALKING.

ID: 1480842

4. When it rains on a Saturday night and everyone’s wearing that little black dress.

ID: 1480861

5. When this one girl kept talking about how her boyfriend ate her Greek yogurt without asking first.

ID: 1480551

6. Any time two friends who were exes get back together (and inevitably break up again).

ID: 1481055

7. Whenever someone says, “Does anybody want the rest of my curly fries?”

ID: 1480437

8. That time a passive-aggressive note became necessary to address roommates who never do their dishes.

ID: 1480444

9. Whenever someone in the bathroom leaves without washing their hands.

ID: 1480739

10. When someone suggests a Taco Bell run at like 3am after a night of drinking.

ID: 1481061

11. When the last bag of Cool Ranch Doritos gets stuck in the vending machine.

ID: 1480652

12. When a friend becomes “engaged” on Facebook and it’s not a joke.

ID: 1480840

13. When a guy texts “what u up 2?” past midnight in a barely veiled attempt to get laid.

ID: 1480560

14. That time someone on Facebook listened to “Blurred Lines” for four hours straight on Spotify.

ID: 1480482

15. When H&M finally went live with online shopping in the U.S.

ID: 1480475

16. And when they had A HOME SECTION?!

ID: 1480529

17. Every time Orange Is The New Black is on point, which is basically all the time.

ID: 1480829

18. When BBC announced who the 12th Doctor was and it was just another old white dude.

ID: 1480835

19. When Raven-Symoné came out publicly and gracefully.

ID: 1480694

20. That one time Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” music video happened.

ID: 1480459

21. When Beyoncé revealed her new haircut on Instagram.

ID: 1480456

22. When Kate and Wills went and named the royal baby “George.”

ID: 1480472

23. When Johnny Depp was cast as a Native American character in The Lone Ranger.

ID: 1480607

24. That one time there was a dead shark on the New York subway.

ID: 1480448

25. Any time anything ever happens on Fox News.

ID: 1480481

26. That one time Riley Cooper dropped racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert.

ID: 1480598

27. When the Washington Post was sold to Amazon’s CEO for $250 million.

ID: 1480453

28. When President Obama said he had “no patience” for anti-LGBT laws at the Sochi Olympics.

ID: 1480540

29. When Anthony Weiner insisted on running for New York City mayor.

ID: 1480669

30. When Michelle Williams was catapulted onto the stage at Beyoncé’s Halftime Show.

ID: 1480469

31. But then there was that time Kelly Rowland hit her mark on that stage at the Super Bowl.

ID: 1480552

32. And any time it’s really just like, “Who, me? Why yes, I’m fabulous.”

Serve it up, sister. Werk that face.

ID: 1481072

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