This Is What It Sounds Like When You Replace The Audio From The Matrix With 8-Bit Sound Effects

This must have been someone’s 8-bit dream world.

1. This ’80s throwback to video games started off as a school project for an Audio Production class for Phillip Raupach, a film student from SFSU.

ID: 3544003

2. He entered this fun little project into SFSU BECA Fest, an annual student showcase for film students, and ended up winning the award for Best Sound Design.

ID: 3544021

3. Every detail from this entire scene was reworked with real 8-bit sounds, from the dialogue…

Warner Bros. Pictures
ID: 3544032

4. …to the sounds of gaining precious items and becoming a stronger fighter!

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ID: 3544040

5. His jumps sound just like Mario’s!

Warner Bros. Pictures
ID: 3544029

6. You gotta hear it to believe it! Watch the entire fight scene here.

Phillip Raupach / Via
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