The 25 Things That Will Happen On The Most Adorable Workday Of The Year

Today is “National Take Your Dog To Work Day.”

1. They’ll want to have their say in the upcoming merger

ID: 3183590

2. Profits will skyrocket

“Oh man, I should’ve paid more attention in 12th Grade Finance.”

ID: 3183595

3. Someone will let their dog go on the P.A. system

“Clean-up in the Accounting department….my bad.”

ID: 3183601

4. You’ll find things on the Internet that will interest your furry friend

“Hey! Any pictures with exposed nipples, human or non-human, is considered NSFW around here!”

ID: 3183602

5. You see this when you’re told that the boss demanded to see you…

ID: 3183589

6. You start dressing them up in uniform

“I’m confused, I thought we were just gonna hang out, I’ve got to stick my hands in whose stomach now?!!?!!?

ID: 3183606

7. “I know I’m a Golden Retriever, but this is ridiculous”

ID: 3183625

8. This wasn’t a ride he was expecting when he left for work this morning

ID: 3183609

9. And if you’re a pilot…

ID: 3183626

10. The office clown will go too far

ID: 3183646

11. Your dog will silently judge you throughout the day

“So I was checking your browser history…tsk tsk tsk.”

ID: 3183611

12. She’ll take a nap on all of your reports

Maybe it’s time to take that 2nd lunch break after all.

ID: 3183613

13. Expectations of Dog…

ID: 3183616

14. Reality of Dog

ID: 3183633

15. They’ll stare at you ALL DAY!

“What did you expect me to do all day?”

ID: 3183628

16. Demand some spa treatment at the worst time

“C’mon man! I’m itching for a scratching, be a pal and work your magic, please.”

ID: 3183629

17. They’ll see a squirrel outside

You win this time, Mr. Nutworthy. You win again…”

ID: 3183630

18. They might actually be helpful!

“We’re both in agreement that in order to improve this recreational object for dogs and humans alike, it needs a layer of bacon.”

ID: 3183631

19. Very helpful!

ID: 3183635

20. You’ll work late because you were snapping pics of your dog all day

“Margaret, tell my wife I won’t be home for kibble!”

ID: 3183608

21. “When are we going home?????”

ID: 3183605

22. Then they get fed up with asking you

ID: 3183598

23. “Nobody’s here. Let’s just go already.”

ID: 3183604

24. You’ll finally get that perfect picture after 5 hours

“Is this what you do all day when you leave me at home?”

ID: 3183632

25. This photo summarizes how everyone would describe the entire workday at the end of the day

ID: 3183610

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