35 Stylish Dogs That Will Make You Question Your Summer Wardrobe

It’s getting hot in fur, so take that summer pose!

1. That’s enough sun for you, mister!

ID: 3189657

2. This one’s revving to get into the lake.

ID: 3189661

3. Looking forward to a splendid picnic in the park

ID: 3189663

4. He’s a natural-born belly flopper

ID: 3189717

5. She’s always been known to wear rose-colored glasses for every occasion

ID: 3189667

6. Before and After Coolness Factor

ID: 3189670

7. “I think the kid just peed in the pool…HONEY, DO SOMETHING!”

ID: 3189676

8. The sun’s beating down on me. No complaints here.

ID: 3189684

9. “Hear that? That’s the ocean calling my name”

ID: 3189668

10. Wedding fashion on the beach is a common sight on a warm summer afternoon

ID: 3189693

11. Don’t forget ‘Flower Girl’ fashion!

ID: 3189685

12. And the Ringbearer too!

ID: 3189704

13. Showing his support for Brazil in the World Cup

ID: 3189695

14. A Portugal fan, still holding onto hope at this point

ID: 3189696

15. Ughhhh… sooooooo many margaritas…

ID: 3189698

16. “Hahahaha! I said we were going to a ‘dude beach’, not a ‘nude beach’.”

“That doesn’t make this traumatic experience any better!”

ID: 3189699

17. Summer’s not keeping this big boy from performing his duties

ID: 3189666

18. This. Beach. Is. Wonderful….

ID: 3189700

19. “My disguise is working perfectly…”

ID: 3189705

20. “This beats skateboarding any day”

ID: 3189714

21. Time to cool off!

ID: 3189662

22. This one’s rocking his frizzy hair

ID: 3189719

23. This German shepherd’s perfectly fine in the kiddie pool

ID: 3189721

24. So is he.

ID: 3189723

25. They call him, “The Hog Dog”

ID: 3189727

26. This is just one of Daisy’s many rad outfits

ID: 3189733

27. Seems like a nice day to do yoga in the park with the girls

ID: 3189735

28. “You like my outfit? Why, mahalo!”

ID: 3189737

29. “‘California girls, they’re undeniable’. Definitely undeniable.”

ID: 3190680

30. Licking your nose has never felt so satisfying

ID: 3189743

31. “If we can’t go to Hawaii this summer, I’ll bring Hawaii to us!”

ID: 3189746

32. The best part about summer? SUMMER DRESSES.

ID: 3189748

33. She’s about to show those dolphins something to chirp about

ID: 3189758

34. What are you waiting for? Start your summer off on the right paw now!

ID: 3189716

35. An interesting new way to wear sunglASSes

Thanks for sticking around for the tail end of this list.

ID: 3189769

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