22 Things That Happen After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out

The nightmare isn’t over yet.

1. You’re fascinated by the numbness of your mouth.

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2. You’re so hungry and thirsty that you forget that this happens.

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3. Your mouth begins to thaw.

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4. Let the cursing begin!

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5. The bleeding will feel like it’ll never stop.

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6. You can’t help but feel like an important part of you has been ripped out of your mouth.

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7. Painkillers become your best friend.

So many best friends…

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8. Comfort food is out of the question.

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9. You’ll have difficulty speaking to others and resort to communicating like this.

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10. The size of your cheeks will reach chipmunk levels.

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11. The laughing gas will make you say the craziest shit.

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13. If you’re lucky, nonsensical gibberish will be the only thing coming out of your mouth.

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14. Your family and friends will take this opportunity to mess with you while you’re in this very fragile state.

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15. The effects of the gas wear off and everyone tells you all of the embarrassing things you said while you were loopy.

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16. Your friends joke about how the best part about getting your wisdom teeth taken out is that you can eat Jell-O for every meal.

NBC / Via giphy.com
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17. The pain of brushing your teeth and keeping your teeth clean is tremendous.

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18. You’re scared that any sneezing or yawning will rip your stitches.

ID: 3520270

19. You can’t eat anything that has a height of any kind.

Bazmark Productions / 20th Century Fox / Via awesomelyluvvie.com
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20. By not eating solid food, you lose a ton of weight.

Warner Bros. / Via giphy.com
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21. Some insensitive jerk will ask you if you want some food you know you can’t have.

Miramax Films / Via giphy.com
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22. You’ll have nightmares about the operation forever.

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