15 Reasons The Original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Were Totally Tubular

Cowabunga, dude!

1. They were the first on-screen turtles whose entire diet consisted of pizza.

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Their mutation probably protected them from the constipation from all that cheese.

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2. Cheezus Crust! That’s humongous!

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3. They had an appreciation for vintage video games.

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4. As ninjas, their disguises were “flawless.”

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5. “What? No way…those guys with the reptilian skin in trench coats were actually giant turtles trained in martial arts? Who would’ve guessed?”

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6. Like teenagers, they didn’t take themselves or their job too seriously.

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7. When they used words like “cowabunga,” “radical,” and “gnarly,” it made us forget that we were watching talking turtles fight crime every week.

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8. They were the typical Californian teenagers everybody wanted to be.

Except they lived in NYC.

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9. They loved cats.

CBS / Via peteneems

You can’t see it, but off-screen, splinter is stuck halfway through a hole in the wall.

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10. You knew you were a true “Turtles” fan when you wore out your VHS tape that you used exclusively for the show.

CBS / Via tumblr.com
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11. They had the newest and coolest technology, and knew how to use it.

At least in the ’90s it was pretty new and cool.

ID: 3551479

12. The amount of times Michaelangelo said “cowabunga” was too damn high.

Even Bart Simpson has asked him to bring it down a notch.

ID: 3551573

13. They were more than just a team, they were a band of brothers.

ID: 3551480

14. The show actually felt like they had a moral obligation to tell kids this.

ID: 3551484

15. Good luck not singing this song to yourself throughout the day.

ID: 3551486

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