What Kind Of Investor Are You?

Make money money money, make money.

    1. Satoshi Nakamoto
    2. John Bogle, inventor of the index fund
    1. CBS/60 Minutes
      Hedge fund legend Paul Tudor Jones
    2. Via Heinz Peter Bader / Reuters
      Kim Kardashian
    1. Via D-schaub nature photography
    1. Stormbreath Dragon
    2. Via http://animaltheory.blogspot.com
    1. Ronald Reagan
    2. President Camacho
    1. Via Olivier Douliery / Getty Images
      Bill Clinton
    2. Via Ethan Miller / Getty Images
      Ron Paul
    1. Flickr/krossbow / Via flic.kr
    2. flickr/sjssharktank / Via Flickr: sjsharktank
    1. Flickr/jameskm03 / Via Flickr: jameskm03
    1. Wikimedia / Via upload.wikimedia.org
    1. Wikimedia / Via upload.wikimedia.org

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