A Whole Lot Of People Aren’t Happy About Comcast Buying Time Warner

The consolidation of anti-cable company rage…and jokes. posted on

1. There’s not a ton of optimism about the customer service that a Comcast-Time Warner merger would produce.

You know the ISP business is hated when people are desperately looking to Verizon to be their savior.

Wow, a Comcast/Time Warner merger would create a combined customer service department of well over ten employees.

Comcast defeated Time Warner in the Elite 8 in last year's Worst Company in America tournament @consumerist

:( RT @benparr This slide from the Comcast/Time Warner pitch to consumers made me laugh. Then I died a little inside:

I want Comcast to own my cable company about as bad as I want Time-Warner to be my cable company. Wait, TWC is. I’m so screwed.

I will live anywhere as long as I don't have to deal with Time Warner, Comcast, or Cablevision. Give me FiOS, or give me death.

11. Then of course, there were cable guy-ish jokes

Comcast CEO didn't want to buy Time Warner Cable, but figured it was the only way to get a TWC technician to his house.

14. And doesn’t the biggest cable company buying the second biggest seem like a….something that rhymes with “lonopoly”?

Now leading the @huffingtonpost: a not-so-subtle insinuation about the Comcast - Time Warner Cable deal

Oh cool I love Monopoly RT @verge: Comcast confirms $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable http://t.co/ekKX7qe0rx

If Comcast buys Time Warner, that means my broadband provider options in Newport Beach will go from 1 to 1. We're so under served.

Waiting for Comcast/Time Warner to tell the FTC: "Well, it's okay because of, you know, Aereo"

20. Some people had some thoughts of mega-mergers past and future…

This bull market won’t be over until Time Warner Comcast merges with AOL.

23. And then things got weird.

25. It was all capped off by the ultimate insult.

Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable is like Nickelback and Creed deciding to go on tour together.

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