10 Gorgeous Photos Of Sunlit Landscapes That Will Make You Sigh

The shortlist is in for the 2014 VELUX Lovers of Light photography competition - the pictures are kind of special.

1. ‘Winter sunrise over West Dorset’, Bridport, West Dorset, by Stephen Banks.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Stephen Banks
ID: 2649685

2. ‘Early Light, Newlands Wood’, Cannock, UK, by Graham Colling.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Graham Colling
ID: 2649686

Amateur, professional and mobile phone photographers submitted 15,000 entries into VELUX’s national Lovers of Light photography competition since its launch in October 2013.

ID: 2649776

3. ‘Showers’, The Hague, Netherlands, by Lennert Steyvers.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Lennert Steyvers
ID: 2649687

4. ‘Lighting up Langstrath’, Borrowdale UK, by Paul Fenech-Soler.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Paul Fenech-Soler
ID: 2649688

5. ‘Morning forest light’, North Poland, by Mateusz Liberra.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Mateusz Liberra
ID: 2649689

6. ‘Sunset Cliffs’, San Diego, USA, by Thomas Zagler.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Thomas Zagler
ID: 2649690

7. ‘Watchin’ the tide roll away (II)’, Alloa, Scotland, by Brian Smith.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Brian Smith
ID: 2649691

8. ‘Untitled’, Newcastle, Co Down, by Brian Mccready.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Brian Mccready
ID: 2649692

9. ‘Carousel in the mist’, Prokoshko, Bosnia, by Marko Stamatovic.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Marko Stamatovic
ID: 2649694

A trip to Norway will be awarded to the overall winner on 30th March.

ID: 2649795

10. ‘Unexpected sun’, UK, by Luke Oyston.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Luke Oyston
ID: 2649693

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Matt Tucker is the UK picture editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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