All The Times Michelle Got The Short End Of The Destiny’s Child Stick

Remember that time Michelle was the only member of Destiny’s Child to have half of her face cropped on their new album cover? A hilarious new blog called “Poor Michelle” compiles all the times when Michelle just couldn’t catch a break. Check out some of the highlights below!

The time Beyonce told her she had a fan in the audience…

The first time Beyonce ditched her for that other Michelle…

The time Beyonce and Kelly convinced her that lime green berets were cool…

The time she didn’t know Beyonce and Kelly were doing the “stank” face…

The time they posed for their single cover and made Michelle stand right under the words “Nasty Girl”… (Coincidence…or not?)

The time she was momentarily replaced by Aaron Carter…

The time she stuck her leg up on the railing because Beyonce told her it was cool…

The time this happened…

And obviously this. Poor Michelle just can’t catch a break.

The time she found out Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at Barack Obama’s inauguration… #PoorBeyonce

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