13 Carbon Footprint Comparisons That You Won’t Believe

If you thought humans were bad, wait until you know what volcanoes are up to!

1. Mobile phone usage vs beer

2. Cheeseburgers vs a space shuttle flight

3. Bottles of wine vs a heart bypass operation

4. Being cremated vs a diamond necklace

5. Sending a text vs eating a banana

6. A 4x4 car vs taking a shower

7. The London Underground vs a swimming pool

8. An iMac vs sending an email

9. Mount Etna vs an average UK person

10. Having a child vs staying overnight in a hotel

11. Leaving the lights on vs having a hot bath

12. Taking out a mortgage vs eating steak

13. The World Cup vs everyone in the UK eating cheeseburgers

Just a quick note that all of the stats gathered here were based on some awesome research by Mike Berners-Lee, an expert in carbon footprinting. You can also go and compare the CO2e of tons of other random stuff here :)

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