“CNN After Dark” Recap: From Edith And Carolyn To Anderson Cooper’s Porn Music Riff

At about 1:30 AM on Wednesday, when the results of the Iowa Caucuses still hadn’t been finalized, CNN decided to lose its mind. From Edith and Carolyn’s initial appearance to “CNN After Dark” with music by Barry White, here’s what you missed.

1. It all started with a call from Iowa Caucus officials Edith and Carolyn, which Anderson Cooper described as the “best live phone call ever.”

ID: 68211

2. After news of the phone call caused both “Edith and Carolyn” and “#CNNAfterDark” to trend worldwide on Twitter, the women returned for another conversation.

ID: 68213

3. Then came the official unveiling of “CNN After Dark,” complete with graphics, the Eurythmics, and Anderson Cooper complaining about the Eurythmics.

ID: 68214

4. So they changed the music to something sexier and everyone realized how sad it was that we were up at 3:00 AM watching this.

ID: 68215

5. Bonus: Anderson Cooper reacts to the news that “#CNNAfterDark” was trending worldwide on Twitter by acting out the infamous “Bom Chicka Wah Wah” guitar rift from a 70s porno.

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