10 Photos Of Justin Timberlake Channeling His Inner Elton John

In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Elton John revealed he wants Justin Timberlake to play him in an upcoming biopic. This needs to happen. To illustrate why, I created 10 side-by-side images of Timberlake channeling his inner Elton in various situations enumerated below. The O.G., of course, is on the left.

1. Chilling on a boat with a girl.

ID: 67664

2. Waving at someone while dressed in a brown suit.

ID: 67665

3. Greeting a dolphin.

ID: 67666

4. Receiving applause from a crowd while standing beside Lady Gaga.

ID: 67668

5. Smizing in black-framed smart people glasses.

ID: 67669

6. Giving side-eye in sunglasses.

ID: 67670

7. Passionately singing into a microphone while seated at a piano, head cocked every so slightly to the right.

ID: 67693

8. Engaging with a crowd while seated at a piano in a dimly lit purple-hued room, right arm raised to the sky (its pointer finger extended).

ID: 67698

9. Getting spied on while sneaking a snack.

ID: 67703

10. Posing with Justin Timberlake.

ID: 67709

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