7 Best Things About Microsoft Surface

You shouldn’t necessarily rush out and buy one anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean Surface can’t be pretty awesome.

1. Multitasking looks like this

ID: 657068

You swipe from the left to switch between your open apps, and as you can see it can get C R A Z Y, in a good way. Also, you can run two apps at once, with one app docked to the side in a smaller window (which is useful for Twitter and monitoring incoming email).

ID: 657135

2. You can do this with a Surface and Touch Cover

ID: 657138

It’s fun. But more importantly, it means if a kid grabs your 1.5-pound Surface by the cover and waves it around it (probably) won’t go flying.

ID: 657142

3. Uh, it has a kickstand

ID: 657215

4. See?

ID: 657312

5. You can type on it like a real computer

ID: 657162

This is precisely how fast I type on it now. (Well, close.)

ID: 657241

6. SmartGlass is the coolest way to watch movies

ID: 657343

When it works like it’s supposed to, SmartGlass isn’t a just a giant remote for your Xbox or a way to beam movies and music from your Surface to your TV, it also takes all the work out of IMDBing while you’re watching a movie.

ID: 657345

7. Oh, and you can charge your phone with it

ID: 657227


ID: 657346

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