20 Girls You Wish Lived Next Door

You always remember your first crush. Even when you could only find them on the big screen.

1. Farrah Fawcett

In Charlie’s Angels.

2. Emma Stone

In Easy A and beyond.

3. Phoebe Cates

In Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

4. Marie Osmond

In The Donny & Marie Show.

5. Mandy Moore

From Candy to present day, with a notable peak at A Walk To Remember.

6. Mariah Carey

In the “Dreamlover” / “Always Be My Baby” era.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

In A Party Of Five, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

8. Danica McKellar

In The Wonder Years.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Friends era.

10. Brandy

In her self-titled first album and Moesha.

11. Tiffani Thiessen

Saved By The Bell era.

12. Sally Field

In Norma Rae.

13. Kylie Minogue

“The Loco-Motion” era.

14. Katie Holmes

In Dawson’s Creek.

15. Catherine Mary Stewart

In The Last Starfighter.

16. Hilary Duff

Post-Lizzie McGuire era.

17. Lisa Bonet

In The Cosby Show.

18. Taylor Swift

Self-titled record to present-day.

19. Alicia Silverstone

Clueless era.

20. Jennifer Connelly

In Career Opportunities and Labyrinth.

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