31 Very Important Ways To Land The Perfect Kiss

A kiss is a delicate, romantic performance, full of potential… SO DON’T MESS IT UP.

1. Yes, kissing can be scary…

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2. And messy, for those who are untested…

Like these FIRST-TIME-EVER kissers.

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3. But, with the right tips, you’ll be on your way to the perfect smooch in no time…

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4. To start, choose an appropriate setting: For example, an adorable pair of matching wine glasses.

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5. And then… WAIT FOR IT… plant a smooch right on your partner’s face…

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6. It’s really as simple as that. But obviously, the variations are endless.

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7. Try being suspenseful. The tension leading up to the moment makes it all worth it.

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8. And, of course, once you commit to a kiss… REALLY commit to it…

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9. …you never want to leave anybody hanging.

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10. Experiment with elevation. You know, like SPIDERMAN.

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11. Or like this red panda kissing another red panda from above.

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12. Diversify your timing. Nothing says “good morning” better than a well-planned fuzzy kiss.

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13. After all, a well-committed kiss has its rewards. Be patient.

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14. Deliver a kiss with fervor and passion.

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15. And, of course, a little bit of tongue.

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16. A well-planted kiss always brings a smile to the face.

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17. And a smooch on the head always brings fuzzies to the heart.

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18. Don’t kiss in front of anybody that might be uncomfortable… like a dolphin that just proposed to you.

Poor dolphin.

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19. Although, having friends around isn’t always bad…

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20. Take a cue from the president and just swoop in with an audience.

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21. Don’t be afraid to hide your true love.

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22. Sometimes, a drive-by kiss is just the solution…

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23. Or a boat-by kiss.

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24. Even though every moment won’t be perfect.

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25. You just have to keep on trying.

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26. And soon, you’ll be a kissing master… like these pups.

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27. Or this dolphin and dog.

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28. Or Dustin Hoffman and the blonde one from One Direction.

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29. Or this boss.

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30. JUST REMEMBER: A kiss might not always happen the way you expected…

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31. Unless, of course, Mike Tyson wishes it so.

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