45 Totally Important Reasons To Be Proud Of Tom Daley

ATTENTION WORLD: Tom Daley announced he has a boyfriend. Let us rejoice and be glad.

1. OK, first of all, Tom Daley is an Olympic diving champion and a superstar and a winner and a hero…

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2. He won an Olympic bronze medal for diving and looked adorable while accepting it.

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3. And also he’s done a bunch of other very important things like write his own book and pose with his own book and stuff like that.

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4. But ALSO of equal significance are Tom Daley’s other accomplishments, which include — but are certainly not limited to — his status as a total, complete, mega, life-altering babe.

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5. Like when he emerged from the water in his tiny Speedo and shook off sweet, sweet droplets of glistening wetness while being a total babe.

ID: 2065217

6. And when he stood in wet clothes that clung to his beautiful abs while being a total babe.

ID: 2065552

7. And stood on the beach in very tiny shorts and spread his arms and abs while being a total babe.

ID: 2065208

8. Of course, besides diving and being a total babe, Tom has many skills, which include wildly thrusting his pelvis in the water.

ID: 2065459

9. Wildly thrusting his pelvis on a beach surrounded by other equally naked men.

ID: 2065501

10. Wildly taking off his clothes on the ground.

ID: 2065558

11. And wildly taking off his clothes in the air.

ID: 2065536

12. His has masterfully conquered the skill of doing this.

ID: 2065205

13. And this.

ID: 2065211

14. And this on a beach.

ID: 2065226

15. And this with a ball.

ID: 2065438

16. He can flawlessly pull of a sombrero while shirtless.

ID: 2065221

17. And flawlessly pull off a sombrero while shirtless and also in his underwear and also in a bush for some reason.

ID: 2065207

18. Basically, he has a number of very important assets.

Al Bello / Getty Images
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19. And he knows exactly how to display them.

Clive Rose / Getty Images
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20. And we should thank not only God, but also Jesus, for this gift.

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21. He worked for it and we should be proud of him for it.

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ID: 2065443

22. So proud.

ID: 2065539

23. Just like, really, really proud.

ID: 2065514


ID: 2065934

24. Tom’s many accomplishments and skills also include posing next to his hot friends.

ID: 2065206

25. Wearing glasses.

ID: 2065209

26. Not wearing glasses.

ID: 2065213

27. Making this face while wearing a shirt.

ID: 2065227

28. Making this face while not wearing a shirt.

ID: 2065212

29. All-around just having a face that is beautiful and that does things.

ID: 2065216

30. Wearing a skinny tie and sunglasses.

ID: 2065292

31. Wearing skinny jeans and a tight shirt and this bow tie and ruining my life.

ID: 2065219

32. Matching these shoes with his outfit.

ID: 2065218

33. Sitting by the pool in his underwear while warmth and glory radiates from his flawless pack of abs.

ID: 2065222

34. Presenting his butt to the world as a gift of pure beauty and grace.

ID: 2065223

35. And just overall presenting his babe-ness and godliness to us lesser beings.

ID: 2065225

36. Of course, Tom is also super nice and friendly and he feeds ducks.

ID: 2065228

37. He has the decency to grill meat without a shirt because he knows that’s how we like it.

ID: 2065230

38. Also, he has the face of an angel.

Getty Images
ID: 2065540

39. A beautiful, majestic angel.

ID: 2065542

40. A face that says, “I have a boyfriend, but I could still love you.”

ID: 2065448

41. “You and I will still be together.”

ID: 2065544

42. Basically, Tom Daley is a glorious and majestic gift to this world for literally every single reason.

ID: 2065364

43. And everybody should be proud of him because he is a superstar and a champion and also a total babe.

ID: 2065550

44. He’s an adorable little bundle of joy and cuteness.

ID: 2065549

45. And he loves everyone and we love him.

ID: 2065449

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